I searched an English manual for ATLAS GST-5 GL, but I couldn't find it online. I looked for only an instruction written in Japanese, but it seems it was uploaded as a PDF file on the internet, so I guess if you need the English one, you may feel it's hard to figure it out. So I made this page. I see it will take a lot of hours to translate them, so I captured the image and wrote Japanese down here. Please translate it with Google Translator or other translators. Or you can jump to the translation page directly here. (Source: Yupiteru ATLAS GOLF SWING TRAINER GST-5 GL クイックガイド)

 ① 電源をONにしてください

② クラブを選択してください
クラブボタン(▲ or ▼)を押し、使用するクラブを選択してください。

ウッド Wood (W1, W3, W5, W7, W9) 
ユーティリティ Utility (U2, U3, U4, U5, U6)
アイアン Irons (I3, I4, I5, I6, I7, I8, I9)
ウェッジ Wedges (PW, AW, SW, LW)
パター Putter

※1 グリーンの速さ(スティンプ)8.8フィートの条件で算出します。

1. スイング回数または履歴番号表示
2. 履歴表示
3. 平均表示
4. ミート率表示
5. 電源ボタン
6. 平均 / 履歴 ボタン
7. 電池残量
8. クラブ表示
9. ヘッドスピード表示
10. ボールスピード表示
11. 飛距離表示
12. ナイスショット表示
13. クラブ選択ボタン
14. 検知センサー部

③ 本機を設置してください


④ スイングしてください




⑤ 平均/履歴の見方



⑥ 練習が終わったら電源をOFFにします

Sanrio Days feat. My Melody in Seibu Fukui

New Dragon Ball Z Fighting Game Coming Out for the 3DS: Extreme Butouden

Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butouden will be released on June 11, 2015

Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden is being developed by Arc System Works and will support over 100 different DBZ characters. The 2D fighting game will feature both one-on-one and team-style battles with a new "Z Assist" support feature and "Ultimate Arts" finishing moves.

Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butouden Official page

Book Now on PIJ!

It seems that there is a special bonus in the limited edition! We can book the game on Amazon Japan now.

Pre-order Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butouden

1. Visit PIJ
2. Log in to your account
3. Click "Shop" tab
4. Type in...

Item's URL:
Quantity: 1 (or more?)
Price: 6145 Yen

5. Click "order" button

Please refer to this article: How can I buy Japanese products from Japanese online stores?

Mega Man Sneaker Collaborated with UBIQ Japanese Shoes Brand in Tokyo

Mega Man Sneaker Collaborated with UBIQ Japanese Shoes Brand in Tokyo

I got news about Megaman (Rockman) shoes will be released in June, 2015, that collaborates with UBIQ, Japanese shoes brand which has been born in Tokyo, Japan.

If you are a man, and you often used to play video games in your childhood, I'm sure you are know Megaman well. No explanation needed, right?

As you see it in the photos, the shoes has a lot of his poses, and of course, it is an 8-bit-design. Also, the color blue is so cool for all of men!

Pre-order has started already at their website

I guess it is "Built-to-order" item (BTO)". So if we lose this chance, we may not get the shoes in future. So I'm writing this article to help all of fans of Megaman! 

As I see the official site, it seems you can order it until March 15, 2015, and they will stop accepting orders after the date.

Available order date: Until March 15, 2015
Estimated delivery date: End of June, 2015

As I mentioned, it looks Built-to-order, so if you order it now, you have to wait for its arrival in spring or summer. 

Shoes Size Variation

I checked it already. They have 22-29 cm, but they don't have a half size. The half size I meant is that we cannot choose some sizes like 22.5cm, 24.5cm, or 28.5cm. Only eight types of size it has. Like this. 

Hey... My foot size is 26.5cm... 26cm is little small, and 27cm is little big...

How do I order the shoes from my country?

If you know us already, I don't need to explain it, do I? But if you don't know our service "Private Import Japan" yet, please order it with us. We can buy it on your behalf, receive it, and send it to you from Japan!

Have you decided which size you buy? Oh that's great. Okay, let's try to order it like a step below now. 

1. Check the price and size

Access the product page and try to check the price, size, and any other description you need to know. It is written in Japanese, so if you want to translate it into your language, please use Google Translate or any other translation website. 

2. Access Private Import Japan to order it

Click here to visit our website. If you don't have your PIJ account, please make it from Register button at the top of the page. You can register for FREE. 

After you get the account, you have been ready to order. Please click "Shop" button and enter the order form page.  You are required to fill in some info about the shoes you are going to order. Please do like below.

3. Type the item's info and click "order" button

Item URL:
Quantity: 1 (if you like to buy two or more, type 2 or 3)
Price: 9800 yen (the price here doesn't include any tax and commission)
Note: 28cm (type the size you want)

After you put those info, please click "order" button. After that, you get an order number available in our website, and you can always see a status in your order view page. I mean the status would turn when PIJ receive your item. 

4. Congratulation! You are all set!

Please wait until we receive it from the manufacture. I guess we get it in June - July in 2015.

How to pay it? And how much the total would be?

If you have PayPal, you can use our service anytime. Basically, we prefer you make payment within 3 days after you order it. You will receive an email from us when you purchase, so please read it carefully and pay for the item.  

If it is your first time to use PIJ, I think you are worried about the total. If you are the first customer for us, your commission rate is 40%. It usually applies to the item's price only. 

In the case of buying this shoes, the price is 9,800 JPY + a consumption tax in Japan. The tax is 8% now, so it becomes 784 JPY. So the total becomes 10,584 JPY. Your commission rate is 40%, so the commission would be 4,234 JPY. 

1. Item price: 10,584 yen
2. Commission: 4,234 yen (40%)
3. Domestic shipping: approx 1,000 yen
4. International shipping: Depends on its weight and where you live

You will pay the total of 1+2+3+4. If you want to know more about our service, please check our information page. I'm sure it will solves your all of problems!

Visit our website anytime!

If you want to find the other Japanese items, please visit us anytime. In PIJ, you can search an item been listed on Yahoo Japan Auctions. Of course, you can bid, pay, and receive it through our website. 

If you have questions, please send your message from "Contact us" you see at the top of the page. Look forward to your order! :)

PIJ SHARE Campaign For All PIJ Customers Get $5.00 per person you share

From September 5 to 30, we take PIJ SHARE CAMPAIGN. If you share PIJ with your friends and if your friends buy something through our service, you will get $5.00 US dollars for each person you will share with. We don't set the upper limit for this campaign. Also, each of your friends will receive $5.00 at the same time.

Visit Private Import Japan now!
If you have PIJ account already, visit this campaign page.
If it's your first purchase on PIJ, visit this campaign page.

If you share PIJ with your 10 friends, you will get $50.00 in October. Depending on the number of your friends, the $5.00 will be added as a reward.

For example,
If you share with 20 friends, you will get $100.00
If you share with 50 friends, you will get $250.00
If you share with 100 friends, you will get $500.00
(No Upper Limit like this!!)

However, you should accept two terms to get the reward.

1. The reward will be generated at the time your friends make Shipping Request and send Campaign Form. (The form is in the middle of this page)

2. It should be your friends' First Purchase on PIJ. If they have purchase histories on PIJ in the past, the reward will not be sent.

Speaking details, you share PIJ with your friend, and your friend will buy something on PIJ, and your friend has to make all payments including the international shipping. If you are a PIJ customer, I'm sure you have known it well.

All payments are both of 1st Payment and 2nd Payment. The 1st payment includes item's price, commission fee, etc. And the 2nd payment refers to payment of Shipping from Japan to your country. If you need to learn about the commission and handling, please go to our information page. All are written in this page.

If your friends make all payments (includes the 2nd payment), he/she will send us a form. (You can get the form in the middle of this page) The form requires your friend to type in his/her name and Shipping number which PIJ will issue when your friend will make shipping request. So after the campaign will finish, we will check the form, and we will send reward to you. (and to your friends)

There are a lot of categories on PIJ and I'm sure that your friends will be able to find his/her treasures on the site! Also, I'm sure that your friends will be excited with those great Japanese items listed on Yahoo Japan Auctions! Why don't you share PIJ now?

Notice: We will take discount commission rate from October! We will announce it soon by emails or PIJ top page. Please look forward to it! :)

Hello Kitty stores in Japan - Let's find Japanese stores dealing with Sanrio items!

Hello Kitty stores in Japan - Let's find Japanese stores dealing with Sanrio items!

There are many many Hello Kitty stores in Japan. Hello Kitty is very popular around the world now and her items has been sold everywhere. However, there are items which you can buy only in Japan. What kind of Hello Kitty items in Japan? Are they the same in your country? I collected some online stores here. If you are interested in, try to check them now. :)

Sanrio Online Shop
If you are a fan of Hello Kitty or the other characters like My Melody, Little Twin Stars, etc., I guess you have already known this online store. I think this online store is the largest for selling HK items in Japan. It's dealing with the electric products, household furniture, commodities, plush dolls, mascot, etc. Keep checking this site until you meet your favorite one. Visit Sanrio Online Shop

Belluna Interior
This online store is also popular in Japan as one of retail stores selling Hello Kitty items. They are selling the interior products mainly. You can make your rooms in full of Hello Kitty with the curtains, bedclothes, small goods, etc. The site has another taste comparing with the Sanrio Online Shop. If you make cute design with HK, check this site now! :) Visit Belluna Interior

Kiddy Land
This is not the online stores. Kiddy Land is a kind of chain stores standing around Japan. Especially the urban areas like Tokyo, Osaka, and so on. They also have different Hello Kitty items. I often see many bloggers who are showing their cute items they bought at the Kiddy Land. So when you find those items and when you want to find in the Kiddy Land, please message me. When I drop in that stores, I'll bought it on behalf of you and send it to you. Visit Kiddy Land official page

If you are interested in Netsuke or small mascots related with Hello Kitty, I recommend you this shopping site. They are dealing with Gotochi Hello Kitty. Really cute items there are. Visit Asunaro

You can buy those products on our website PIJ!

I know more stores, but it looks difficult to introduce all the stores. If you want to know something about the stores or any other stores you have known, please send your message from Contact form in the left side of this page.

Of course, you can order immediately. You can learn how to make your order the items from those Hello Kitty stores.

Read How can I buy Japanese products from Japanese online stores?

Of course, you can find many Hello Kitty or the other characters from Sanrio at PIJ. I put a search result below. Let's bid now! :)

Click here to find SANRIO items at PIJ

Does Yahoo Japan Auctions work in English?

Does Yahoo Japan Auctions work in English?

Yahoo Japan Auctions is the largest auctions site in Japan. There are huge active users dealing and enjoying the auctions, but basically it has been built for Japanese Only. As you may know, the dealing has been taken among Japanese Only and all characters is written in Japanese. Yes, almost titles and descriptions are written in Japanese. If you don't know Japanese, you have to use something like Google or Bing Translator when you wanna understand the item's detail. If you have visited Yahoo Japan Auctions before, you have already known there are so many awesome items listed in the site by Japanese people. However, you would meet people who cannot speak English or people who never deal with people who don't speak Japanese. 

Well, what should I do? I wanna buy from Yahoo Japan Auctions!

To buy from Yahoo Japan Auctions, you have to live in Japan and also you need to speak and write Japanese correctly. Almost sellers on Yahoo Japan Auctions don't ship abroad. Yes, you have to have your own Japanese address to receive your items. Also you have to contact sellers in Japanese to confirm shipping address, how to pay, etc. It looks simple to do in the dealing as a buyer, but the language barrier would disturb the dealing.

Use shopping services in Japan

The best way to bid or buy from Yahoo Japan Auctions is to make friends or have someone who receive your item in Japan on behalf of you. Actually, there are some shopping service which helps your shopping in Japan. Explaining simply, the agent (service) buy (or bid) for the item you want on behalf of you and receive it at their Japanese address. After that, they ship it to you directly by the international shipping. Of course, in many cases, you need to pay commission or handling fee for using those services, but you wouldn't be concerned about the language barrier any more when you use them. Also they always make clear for something you want to know on the item if you contact by email.

Private Import Japan (PIJ) agent in Japan

If you are looking for someone who bid or buy at Yahoo Japan Auctions on behalf of you, why don't you use PIJ service? PIJ service has worked for 7 years and they keep giving great service for customers around the world! If you have any questions about the service or the Yahoo Auctions, please leave your comment on this blog or message me anytime. We'll reply immediately.