Does Yahoo Japan Auctions work in English?

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Does Yahoo Japan Auctions work in English?

Yahoo Japan Auctions is the largest auctions site in Japan. There are huge active users dealing and enjoying the auctions, but basically it has been built for Japanese Only. As you may know, the dealing has been taken among Japanese Only and all characters is written in Japanese. Yes, almost titles and descriptions are written in Japanese. If you don't know Japanese, you have to use something like Google or Bing Translator when you wanna understand the item's detail. If you have visited Yahoo Japan Auctions before, you have already known there are so many awesome items listed in the site by Japanese people. However, you would meet people who cannot speak English or people who never deal with people who don't speak Japanese. 

Well, what should I do? I wanna buy from Yahoo Japan Auctions!

To buy from Yahoo Japan Auctions, you have to live in Japan and also you need to speak and write Japanese correctly. Almost sellers on Yahoo Japan Auctions don't ship abroad. Yes, you have to have your own Japanese address to receive your items. Also you have to contact sellers in Japanese to confirm shipping address, how to pay, etc. It looks simple to do in the dealing as a buyer, but the language barrier would disturb the dealing.

Use shopping services in Japan

The best way to bid or buy from Yahoo Japan Auctions is to make friends or have someone who receive your item in Japan on behalf of you. Actually, there are some shopping service which helps your shopping in Japan. Explaining simply, the agent (service) buy (or bid) for the item you want on behalf of you and receive it at their Japanese address. After that, they ship it to you directly by the international shipping. Of course, in many cases, you need to pay commission or handling fee for using those services, but you wouldn't be concerned about the language barrier any more when you use them. Also they always make clear for something you want to know on the item if you contact by email.

Private Import Japan (PIJ) agent in Japan

If you are looking for someone who bid or buy at Yahoo Japan Auctions on behalf of you, why don't you use PIJ service? PIJ service has worked for 7 years and they keep giving great service for customers around the world! If you have any questions about the service or the Yahoo Auctions, please leave your comment on this blog or message me anytime. We'll reply immediately. 


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