Hello Kitty stores in Japan - Let's find Japanese stores dealing with Sanrio items!

Hello Kitty stores in Japan - Let's find Japanese stores dealing with Sanrio items!

There are many many Hello Kitty stores in Japan. Hello Kitty is very popular around the world now and her items has been sold everywhere. However, there are items which you can buy only in Japan. What kind of Hello Kitty items in Japan? Are they the same in your country? I collected some online stores here. If you are interested in, try to check them now. :)

Sanrio Online Shop
If you are a fan of Hello Kitty or the other characters like My Melody, Little Twin Stars, etc., I guess you have already known this online store. I think this online store is the largest for selling HK items in Japan. It's dealing with the electric products, household furniture, commodities, plush dolls, mascot, etc. Keep checking this site until you meet your favorite one. Visit Sanrio Online Shop

Belluna Interior
This online store is also popular in Japan as one of retail stores selling Hello Kitty items. They are selling the interior products mainly. You can make your rooms in full of Hello Kitty with the curtains, bedclothes, small goods, etc. The site has another taste comparing with the Sanrio Online Shop. If you make cute design with HK, check this site now! :) Visit Belluna Interior

Kiddy Land
This is not the online stores. Kiddy Land is a kind of chain stores standing around Japan. Especially the urban areas like Tokyo, Osaka, and so on. They also have different Hello Kitty items. I often see many bloggers who are showing their cute items they bought at the Kiddy Land. So when you find those items and when you want to find in the Kiddy Land, please message me. When I drop in that stores, I'll bought it on behalf of you and send it to you. Visit Kiddy Land official page

If you are interested in Netsuke or small mascots related with Hello Kitty, I recommend you this shopping site. They are dealing with Gotochi Hello Kitty. Really cute items there are. Visit Asunaro

You can buy those products on our website PIJ!

I know more stores, but it looks difficult to introduce all the stores. If you want to know something about the stores or any other stores you have known, please send your message from Contact form in the left side of this page.

Of course, you can order immediately. You can learn how to make your order the items from those Hello Kitty stores.

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Of course, you can find many Hello Kitty or the other characters from Sanrio at PIJ. I put a search result below. Let's bid now! :)

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