tokidoki x Sanrio characters’ Nail Stickers Collaboration!

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I hear about a product “Nail Sticker” is very popular in the world. Do you know it? I'm a man. So I haven’t applied it on my nails, but it is really cute even from me.

1. What is Nail Sticker?
Depends on country, there are several ways of calling. For example, Nail seal, Nail patch, Nail wrap… etc. It is easy to apply for your nails. I found a video to instruct how to do it on YouTube! 

How to apply Nail Sticker

2. Sanrio Nail Stickers arrived at PIJ warehouses
Some days ago, some nail stickers set arrived at PIJ warehouses. We always check if the items is correct or not for the order though, They were very cute. Those nail stickers were the one collaborated with Sanrio characters!

tokidoki x Sanrio Nail Sticker

3. Many products for women’s beauty
I found an online store dealing with many kawaii products like the nail stickers. The store’s name is LOCO GEL. The owner told us they could offer a trade price for items they had. Actually we didn't decide to buy yet, but if you have a channel for sales in your country, it is no problem to ask us how much it will be. Please let me know from contact us form at the right on this page. 

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