Official Watch for Lupin the 3rd VS Detective Conan THE MOVIE

"Lupin the 3rd VS Detective Conan THE MOVIE" is now showing at the theater in Japan. Both of Lupin and Conan are super popular Japanese anime in the world now. 
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Official Watch will be Released! 
In commemoration of the cinema release, a Japanese company has released a special watch in a limited quantity. (5000 watches in the world!)
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Watch's Feature
There are only Japanese words in the page, so I pick up the feature translating in English here. They say in the page that it is the first time a watch with Lupin and Conan to be released in history. It comes with a special watch box and the body itself has high performance. Of course, it was made in Japan. Now they are accepting orders online, and they will ship out in the early of February 2014. Also, there are 3 types in the size. (S, M, and L) I could see "S= 15 cm, M = 17.5 cm, L = 19 cm" in the page. You need to choose which size do you like. 

Watch's price
Item price: 29,300 yen 
Domestic Shipping: 630 yen 
International Shipping: Approx. 2,500 yen

Total: 32,430 yen
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Please note that the above total price is my estimate price. The total may change in a little range. If you make order from us, you need to pay for the total includes commission and handling fees. If you like to know about our fees, please check our information page. 


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