Harajuku Joshi (Harajuku Girls)

What the place Harajuku is? 
Harajuku is the general name of the area in Tokyo. It is from Harajuku Station to the Omotesando area. Takeshita Street is famous street. As we see the history in Harajuku, it goes back a long way. Actually I don't know the history before I was born, but for example, a lot of young people were crowded at Takeshita street in 1980 because many shops dealing with apparel, talents' goods, etc. gathered shops, gathered there intensively. In 1990, some import shops came at Omotesando, and this area was called Ura-Harajuku. 

Read, See and Know Harajuku with a book "Hara-J (Harajuku-Joshi)" 
There is a book I recommend for you. The book's name is "Hara-J". There are many snap shots in the book and even if you don't know Japanese words, you could enjoy and know about Harajuku's atomosphere. Watch a video immediately below. It showed all pages of this book! 

Skimming thru "Haraj"

Do you need more? You can see more photos and videos at Hara-J Official Website

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's Making of Hara-J

I guess many women's magazines control Japanese women's fashion. There are so many magazines for women. How many girls books are there in Japan? Click here to learn it. 

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