What is America Mura?

What is America Mura? 
America Mura is a name of area in Osaka, and it is called "Ame-mura". Osaka has several places we can play though, I can say Umeda and Namba (Shinsaibashi) is TOP 2 cities in Osaka. Also, Umeda is called Kita area and Namba is called Minami area. Kita means north and Minami means south. We often hear someone's talking by phone when we walk in the street in Osaka. 

"Hey, where are you now?" 
"I'm in Minami!" 

Ame-mura Fashion
In this area, we often see young people wearing unique clothes and accessories. Of course it is not for all people in Ame-mura, but I feel there are many of them. Also, there are a lot of used clothes shops along the streets. The prices of those used items run the gamut, but you will enjoy only seeing them in Ame-mura. 

Kouga-ryu Takoyaki
There is a Takoyaki store in front of a park called "Sankaku Kouen (Triangle Park)". This takoyaki shop is vary famous in Japan. Kouga-ryu Takoyaki, we call it. My favorite menu at the shop is "Negi-pon" takoyaki. The takoyaki has green onion on the top and put a ponzu sauce. Can you imagine it? It is very delicious. Please try to eat "Negi-pon" when you have a chance to visit Ame-mura! 

Does Ama-mura become a dangerous zone at midnight? 
Actually, I say "yes". There are a lot of young people in Ame-mura even if it is midnight. Also, red-light area is working and many drinking places opens until morning, so it is true that someone who does bad things appears in those town. However, there are nice bars or great disco clubs, too. So if you choose the best place, you won't meet any troubles. 


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