Mr. & Ms. Dappy (Beauty F Lotion Mask for your foot)

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What is Dappy?

Dappy is a foot care item which makes your bottom of the foot polished. The rough skin will be polished 5-7 days later using this product. In Japan, women are always worried about their skin because they are hoping their beauty always.

How to use Dappy? 

It is like a sock with lotion. Put it on and wait for about 2 hours. That's all for use. Cuticle on the foot comes off 5-7 days later and you get the polished foot completely 2 weeks later.

Why your foot gets rough? 

Foot area is only few 2 percent in the body are. However, the foot carries you every day! You walk every day and your foot must carry you. Your foot tends to make cuticle to guard the skin from every day friction. That's why the cuticle gets hard and looks "rought".

Let's make your foot beautiful

You will get certain evidence for Dappy seeing the link below.

Some feedback from users in Japan
(You may not understand them because they were translated automatically on Google)

oty (19-year-old)

You have used the back of the foot as it went on ticking probably because you wear good sandals high heel .

It was to be an hour and a half immersed in the thick horny package because it was worried about , but I was soaked for two hours .

We have towards the place from thin -skinned , such as the top of the foot and finger from the third day using . It's got peeled off you are towards the Peron is skin of the heel when standing 5 schedule , and there was a Do not remove by force the description , but it would be in the mood every time you walk , but with Perowne to the base of the finger from the heel I was picking at the skin of one ! ! ( Laughs) I was surprised ! ( Laughs)

I moisturize with cream after picking . My feet to soften thick horny also gone (^ o ^)

By the effect of the keratin care other than , I had become very concerned about the smell of the foot when I take off your shoes shamefully , but the smell was not worried at all from using this! It is recommended to smell measures of foot !

I thought that it was the wish can also be used to season to wear boots in the future! In addition, I want to use (^ o ^)

chisute (23-year-old) 

Purchased at Amazon.

I tried using one leg at a trial when the skin is soggy in the bath .

I began to peel the skin from the fifth day per indeed .
Kawaichi pieces and a few places Peron 's the size of one yen coin coins around .
It went towards like rain To the rest .

[ Non- perfect score ]
It is day 9 now, but skin because it turned up here and there ,
Appearance is a little bad .
It was not a pretty tight in a week .
There is no choice but to sharpen the other after !
( Characters Please do not take the skin is impossible ...... the manual , however )
I have a photo of the 7th after women in their 20s the image of the Amazon
I now feel as it is before and after photos .
Do you not look good , please look at photos , and before the ?

It was so soft and smooth afterward! It was not possible to feel the sense of .

By the way, has a thick sole horribly . ( Athlete's foot . Dry skin mother the other half of the
Once up to ) hard enough hands touched the hurt
My mother , was pleased with the feet are soft and smooth .
But , it is " like when tanned . Not a directed and Zuru~tsu more? "

It was with .

There is Dappy on PIJ, too. Try to bid and get the product!

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