Kamen Rider Gaim & Precure Happy Set from McDonald Japan

McDonald Japan will release Kamen Rider Gaim Happy Set and Precure Happy Set on January 10 in 2014. You can buy it at all McDonald in Japan and they will be sold for 2 weeks. 

What is Happy Set?
Happy Set is one of menu for kids and the price is 420 yen - 490 yen. The set has a hamburger, chicken nugget, french potato or sweet corn, a cup of drink, and toys. 

Gaim's Zangetsu Card appears for the first time
Kamen Rider Gaim is the last Kamen Rider series broadcast since October 2013. This Happy Set has a card, with which you can play new arcade game "Data Carddass Kamen Rider Battle GANBARIZING". The set has 5 cards and it includes a Zangetsu card which has not released in the market. 

You can enjoy New and Old Precure at the same time

In the Precure Happy Set, Cure Lovely and Cure Princess are included. Precure cards (by the name of Pre-cards) are used by Precure characters, and they use the cards when in their transformation. Also, you can use those cards at arcade games. 

Pre-cards for the Happy Set has 5 cards. It is designed with Cure Heart, Cure Sword, Cure Ace, Cure Diamond, Cure Rosetta. 


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