Kuroko's basketball x BEAMS T-Shirts 2014

Kuroko's Basketball (Tadatoshi Fujimaki) and MANGART BEAMS T will release their collaboration T-shirts "T. KUROKO" in January 2014. Now we can make order for the T-shirts on BEAMS Online Shop

What is Kuroko's Basketball?
Kuroko's Basketball is Japanese anime (manga) known as Kuroko no Basuke (黒子のバスケ) or Kurobasu, which began serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump in December 2008. Why is this anime so popular? I need to say nothing. You will understand if you watch it. (you can watch at AnimeFave with English sub!)

What is BEAMS? 
BEAMS is an apparel chain store begun in 1976 in Japan. Usually they import products from overseas and sell them in Japan. I often visited the store in Amemura in Namba, Osaka. There were many cool items, but it was little bit expensive for me in that days... 

Kuroko x BEAMS T-Shirts
Now they are accepting orders for the T-shirts. All each price is 5250 yen and there are 4 sizes from XS - L in size. They will accept your order until December 13 and will be shipped out from January 14 2014. 

Hurry up to get it! 
Kuroko T-Shirts on BEAMS Online Shop 

You can order through PIJ! 
How to order at Japanese Online Stores


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