iPhone Case for iPhone 5/5s Nami's Hand Crazy Item in Japan

New iPhone cover for iPhone5 and iPhone 5c has been released from Hamee (an online shop in Japan). The product's name is "Nami's Hand (Nami no Te)". 

Nami's Hand?
Nami is for women's name in Japan. A female character in One Piece (Japanese anime) has the same name as you may know. 

iPhone Cover by the name of Nami's Hand
As you see in the pic, human's right hand is attached on the back of the case for iPhone. It really looks like a human's hand, and they said this hand is Nami's hand. Who is Nami? You shouldn't be concerned about that because this is Nami's hand. 

You are not alone anymore
Hey, you have a mobile phone in your pocket or your bag always, don't you? Well, yes, Nami stands by you everyday if you use this case. When you call or when you touch to search with your iPhone, your hand touches Nami's hand. Why do you feel you are alone? Nami is near by you everyday. 

Excellent Quality! 
By molding woman's hand (real woman), this hand was made. As you can see in the pic, it has wrinkle and hand's softness. You will feel a sense as if you touch someone's hand. 

Nami's Hand is sold on Hamee
Hamee is an online store which is selling mobile's accessories in Japan. They deal more than 250,000 items at their shop and they have many interesting items. 

Have you bought something at Japanese online shops? 
If you haven't, don't worry, it is not difficult. A lot of online stores in Japan just have Japanese words, but the selling format on the item's page is almost same at almost stores. Please see a pic attached below. It includes these words. 

- どっきりいたずらカバー(ナミの手)[12月末頃入荷予定]
This is Item's Title 

- 5,000円(税込)
This is Item's Price

- 送料無料
This says about domestic shipping within Japan. 
送料無料 = Shipping Free

- 50ポイント
I think you don't need to care this

- 商品番号: 54-804384
Item's Number at Hamee

- 個数
Input number to order 

- カートに入れる
=Add this item in your Cart

I think you are worried how much the total cost is until you receive it at your country. You don't want to make over pay always, do you? In the case that you are worried how much, why don't you send your message to us?

If you find something you want in Japan, please make your order in the way written in the link below. 


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