Little different Christmas in Japan

I often see illumination for Christmas coming. Since early times, in Japan, people have practiced Buddhism and Shinto for a long time, so there is a little difference in Christmas from overseas. 

What does Christmas mean to Japanese people? 

Streets, buildings, stores and houses are decorated with twinkling color lights during this season in Japan. As you already know, Christmas is originally the annual Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, and a widely observed holiday around the world, However, Christmas Day is not a national holiday in Japan. Christmas in Japan is a little different from Christmas in western countries. Usually, people in Japan enjoy celebrating Christmas regardless of their religion. It is like a festival and commercial matter for many people. 

Christmas food in Japan

Important Christmas food for most Japanese are cake and chicken. Almost fathers buy cakes after thier works and get home to celebrate Christmas Day. Oh I must not forget the chicken. (my favorite food). In Japan, it is very popular to eat chicken in Christmas Day. Kentucky Fried Chicken stores are crowded with a lot of customers at the day. 

Home illumination excited with feelings of competition

In this season, road in the night is light with the twinkle lights decorated with their homes. Daddy tries hard to decorate his house for their family using his holiday. As a house have lights, next door neighbor have more lights. Seeing it, daddy decides to raise the amount of lights, and the neighbor do the same thing again. In the result... 


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