Kantai Collection Kan Colle x Family Mart

Kan Colle x Family Mart Collaboration

Japanese convenience store "Family Mart" has started collaborating with Japanese anime "Kantai Collection -Kan Colle -". Kan Colle (かんこれ) is a kind of online simulation games developed by Kadokawa Games. It has started in April this year, and there are about 1.3 million users already in Japan now. The visibility was increased gradually, and they decided to release the anime and software for PS vita.

Kantai Collection -Kan Colle - (DMM.com)

Limited Kan Colle items

They release several Kan Colle items at Family Mart and Family Mart Online. You will see them at photos attached this article. I don't know if people abroad can play the games because I see it is made for Japanese users, but if you know Kan Colle, and you are fan of it, please check the links below. You will see items related with it.

famima.com with Kan Colle

Private Import Japan (Keyword: 艦これ)


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