McDonalds Happy Set "Super Mario Bros"

Oh my god!! McDonalds Japan has presented the Happy Set collaborating with Super Mario Bros!! I went to McDonalds to eat Chicken Fillet Deluxe though, my eyes were caught by Super Mario Happy Set Display...! What a cute figures they are! I really wanted to collect all of them, but I couldn't do that because I had to eat the Chicken Fillet Deluxe. I decided to eat the Chicken Fillet Deluxe before we visited McDonalds. Also, Happy Set is for children usually, so I merely order it. Even if I order the Happy Set, I will order another burger set after eating the Happy Set because the set won't satisfy my stomach, maybe. Oh sorry, I wanted to tell you about Happy Set with Super Mario today! I took some pictures for the display. I put them below in this article.

McDonalds is taking this campaign since November 22 in Japan. They said they will finish this Happy Set three weeks later. A happy set has one figure. There are 8 characters like the pictures. However, I never order the Happy Set because the set is prepared for children usually. But I want them. I want to collect them. In the case like this, I always try to find on Yahoo Auctions Japan. This campaign started a week ago, but I thought those figures were listed on the actions site. See the link below.

Search Word: マリオ マック

Can you find them on Yahoo auctions? Let's make bid and get them on PIJ!


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