How can I buy Japanese products from Japanese online stores?

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1. Please log in to your account
You can buy Japanese products from Japanese online stores from overseas. It's very easy for you on PIJ. Log in to your account at the first. If you don't have it yet, please create it from "Registration" button on the front page.

2. Log in to make order.
Do you remember your ID and Password? When you forget it, please send message us from "Contact us" on the front page. We'll send you new immediately.

3. Click Shop tab
You use Shop tab when you buy something from online stores in Japan.

4. Input item's info and click "order" button
You need to inform us which item you want. We would like to know Item's URL, quantity, item's price. After that, please click "order" button. We will make order with the data on behalf of you. Also, we'll send you an email after we order from the online stores.

5. Finish! 
That's all for making order on Japanese online stores.


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