Sanrio Hello Kitty x Rakuten 50% OFF SALE!!

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In Japan, all of the professional baseball
games have been finished the other day,
and a team by the name of "Rakuten"
won and got the top in Japan.

Do you like beseball? I like soccer (football)
than baseball, but I belonged to tenniss club
for 6 years when I was a student.

Rakuten is a sponsor's name and
it is in the team name.

Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles

You may know though,
Rakuten has a huge online stores
system in Japan. Celebrating the victory,
Rakuten is taking a Big Sale with
a limit of 74 hours!

I often use this website for my shopping.
It is here when I get many Sanrio items.
Please check immediately if you are
looking for Hello Kitty items cheaply :)

I collected some items here.

50% OFF Hello Kitty Beads Necklace

50% OFF Little Twin Stars Electric Tooth Blush

50% OFF My Melody Spangles Doll

By the way,
This plush is not affected by the sale price,
but check it out. It's very cute, isn't it? :)

<<How to order for Rakuten 50% OFF on PIJ>>

Please visit PIJ first, and Click "Shop" tab on the front page.

Please let us know these information

Item URL:
Quantity: 1 (if you want more,type in number you want)
Price: 7980 (type in items price you want to buy)
Note: (size, color, etc.)

Click "order" after you type your order.

※We will send your place as soon as item arrived.

<<< Returns Policies >>>

We wont accept refund after you made order.
Returns are accepted ONLY if the item was not the item described.


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