How to make Keshihan (Handmade Eraser Seal)

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Recently, in Japan, I see a lot of people who sell or buy the handmade products online. Also, there are many online stores which just deal with the handmade products. It is very nice. Your talent and skill will earn money!

What is Keshihan?

Keshihan is a kind of the coined word. We call the eraser "Keshigomu" and also the seal "Hanko" though, did you know that?

Keshigomu + Hanko = Keshihan

This kind of coined words are often made in Japan. Now this Keshihan is bade on the auctions site in Japan. Usually, we could buy an eraser for 100 yen, but the keshihan is finished bidding for 5,000 yen! 5,000 yen is about 50 USD. Can you believe it? I see many keshihan on Yahoo auctions Japan though, all they are pretty nice. I think you will have the same feeling with me as you see them. Check them out once from the link below.

Yahoo Auctions Japan (Search Keyword: 消しゴムはんこ)

If you liked your art class, I think you really want to make Keshihan by yourself. Yes, no problem. I found a web page "How to made Keshihan". The instruction is written by Japanese, so I transferred it in English here. Let's try it :)

How to make Keshihan

Tools and Materials

Eraser, 2B pencil, Design knife, Engraving knife, Tweezers, Cutting mat

How to make Keshihan

1. Wash the eraser with water to remove powder attached on the eraser. And then, wipe up with tissue not to scuff the eraser's surface.

2. Do sketching with your pencil

3. Copy your sketching on the eraser. Put the eraser on the sketch, and push strongly using your weight.

4. Cut the eraser remaining blank space. Don't hesitate when you cut it.

5. Let's engrave it. The blogger make instruction in detail, but my English skill couldn't catch up with it. Sorry, please try it by yourself.

When you find your favorite Keshihan, try to bid for it on PIJ!


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