Snow melting system

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Have you seen this kind of system?
Or do you have any thing similar like this?

This is to melting snows.
Its normal things in area where is snowing badly during winter.
Where I live Ura-Nihon(otherside of Japan 裏日本)is really bad.
So there is Snow melting system right middle of road and melt snow away.
It is working great!

Other part of Japan they dont have this system.
In tokyo,Osaka,Sapporo.

Well Sapporo is nothern part of Japan so everything will be freeze.
So they dont have any even many snows.

Sometimes we see Snow melting system need of repair.

Like this


Some times happen in my place.

I am hot now.
Just done snow shoveling at my car park.
Snow badly last night.

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

Yuki Miku nendoroid

Yuki Miku Chitose airport limited

Hatsune Miku plush doll

Hello Kitty snowman version netsuke strap

Hello Kitty snowman piggy bank

Hatsune Miku=初音ミク
Yuki Miku=雪ミク
piggy bank=貯金箱
Snow melting system=融雪装置
netsuke strap=根付ストラップ
Hello Kitty=ハローキティ


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