Seven-herb rice porridge

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New year'day is really big day in Japan.
Party,drinking,and eating LOL

Sounds really bad to body.

So in Japan, from long time ago we have been having custom of eating
"七草粥:Nanakusa gayu” (seven-herb rice porridge).

1. Water dropwort (芹 : せり seri)
2. Shepherd’s Purse (薺 : なずな nazuna)
3. Cudweed (御形 : ごぎょう gogyō)
4. Chickweed (繁縷 : はこべら hakobera)
5. Nipplewort (仏の座 : ほとけのざ hotokenoza)
6. Turnip (菘 : すずな suzuna)
7. Radish (蘿蔔 : すずしろ suzushiro)

It’s a special rice porridge with 7 herbs.
Each herbs have meaning and each have great nutrition to make body recover.
Normally in Japane when we feel sick we eat rice porridge because good to digest
and easy to absorb nutrition.

This is how to cook Nanakusa gayu(seven-herb rice porridge)

So ancient people decide to eat seven-herb rice porridge on January 7th.
I think they found this day is the best timing :-)

Well to be honest I feel tired recently :-(
Must be becasuse I havent eat seven-herb rice porridge this year :-(

May be its too late to have these.

I should Red Bull instead of that LOL

What do you have when you feel bad in your country?

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

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