Rakuten Market Japan Half Price Sale on June 2!

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Big news from Japan! :):):)
On June 2, Rakuten Ichiba (Market) in Japan will held super price sale!
There will be listed a lot of products which are more than half prices!
The correct start time is 12:00 am, June 2, in Japan Time.

Rakuten page is here.

There are many Japanese words, so you may figure out a little details,
but I want you to try it because this big sale is held once a year!

I'll introduce some items which are amazing prices.

1,500,000 YEN (Originally 3,000,000 YEN)

99,000 YEN (198,000 YEN)

Okinawa Miyakojima Accommodation Coupon for One day
10,000 YEN (Originally 97,200 YEN)

I can't everything! Anyway if you have enough time in this weekend,
try and enjoy your puchases on Rakuten Market in Japan ;)

When you find something you want, please make order through PIJ.

1. Visit PIJ website

2. Log in your account

3. Click "Shop" tab

4. Give us some info of the item you want.

Item URL: http://itemyouwantverymuch
Quantity: 1 (if you want more,type in number you want)
Price: 13340 (type in items price you want to buy)
Note: (size, color, etc.)

Click "order" after you type your order.

※We will send your place as soon as item arrived.

<<< Returns Policies >>>

We wont accept refund after you made order.
Returns are accepted ONLY if the item was not the item described.

If you don't know any keywords in Japanese, please don't hesitate
to ask us any time. The sale will be held only one day, so please
think enough and get the best item for the best price :)

Thank you!


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