Approximately $600,000! Saint Seiya Solid Gold Artwork

On May 15, BANDAI corporation exposed this artwork to celebrete
the 10th anniversary of SAINT CLOTH MYTH! I was surprised because
it's made of sold gold and I heard that the value of it will be...

APPROX. $600.000..........

The weight is approx. 4.41 lbs and 5.9 inches height and it will be showed
at many events in Japan and Hong Kong! Oh... Really nice...

By the way, do you know that series "SAINT CLOTH MYTH"?
If you like "Saint Saiya (Japanese manga)", I think you know though,
it is a Saint Saiya character's figure. In Japan, they are very popular
and I also have it.

Like this.

This series is very popular. Now I searched it (with the word SAINT
CLOTH MYTH) on PIJ, a lot of figures have been listed up and
there are many bidders already o_O

Why don't you get them on PIJ? Visit from here :)

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)


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