What's your best iPhone case?

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I have iPhone5 and I'm looking for a new iPhone case now.
However, it is difficult to find the best case for me.
I don't want to have one which everyone and it should be unique for me.

Half a year ago, I bought my iPhone5. I was very happy!
I decided to treat it carefully that day, but I don't still find the best case now.
You can imagine easily current my iPhone5. Yeah it fell down on the floor
many times because I'm little goosey. Yes I know it for a long time.

So now I must find my lovely case to hide the damages.
Not need to protect any more. orz

I found some websites which have several iPhone cases.
I introduce it :)  (it's for me too)

First, Hello Kitty case! This is new item (I think it was released recently).
Here! See this link belowl.

It seems it can protect iPhone completely! It has so cute ribbon :)

Next, they are listed on Amazon Japan though,
they are very wonderful if you love Japanese anime, I think.

Last, it is a case by the name of GILD design. They are very expensive,
but it is very durable made in Japan!

GILD design Shock Test

What type of iPhone case do you use?
Please tell me if you have nice one. Thank you!

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

iPhone5 Transformers Hard Case Silver

iPhone5 Tiny Cham Kitty Case

iPhone5 TOYOTA S800 case

iPhone5 Pokemon Tail Cover full set


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