I got Hello Kitty Plush and Mascot!

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I went to the arcade (we call it the game center) the other day,
and I got some plushie of Hello Kitty! I took video :)

Watch it!

These are my catches :)

Hello Kitty 5 mascot plushie!

Hello Kitty Big Cushion and Big Panda Plushie!

You want them? ;)

Well, I saw new Hello Kitty Plush doll at "SANRIO ONLINE" in Japan.
This is that.

It will come with an original black box and it looks so cute.
You can make order for it through PIJ, so please try it :)

<<<How to order this item?>>>

Please visit PIJ first, and Click "Shop" tab on the front page.

Please let us know these information

Item URL: http://shop.sanrio.co.jp/item/9717.html
Quantity: 1 (if you want more,type in number you want)
Price: 6980 (type in items price you want to buy)
Note: (size, color, etc.)

Click "order" after you type your order.

※We will send your place as soon as item arrived.

<<< Returns Policies >>>

We wont accept refund after you made order.
Returns are accepted ONLY if the item was not the item described.


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