PIJ SHARE Campaign For All PIJ Customers Get $5.00 per person you share

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From September 5 to 30, we take PIJ SHARE CAMPAIGN. If you share PIJ with your friends and if your friends buy something through our service, you will get $5.00 US dollars for each person you will share with. We don't set the upper limit for this campaign. Also, each of your friends will receive $5.00 at the same time.

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If you have PIJ account already, visit this campaign page.
If it's your first purchase on PIJ, visit this campaign page.

If you share PIJ with your 10 friends, you will get $50.00 in October. Depending on the number of your friends, the $5.00 will be added as a reward.

For example,
If you share with 20 friends, you will get $100.00
If you share with 50 friends, you will get $250.00
If you share with 100 friends, you will get $500.00
(No Upper Limit like this!!)

However, you should accept two terms to get the reward.

1. The reward will be generated at the time your friends make Shipping Request and send Campaign Form. (The form is in the middle of this page)

2. It should be your friends' First Purchase on PIJ. If they have purchase histories on PIJ in the past, the reward will not be sent.

Speaking details, you share PIJ with your friend, and your friend will buy something on PIJ, and your friend has to make all payments including the international shipping. If you are a PIJ customer, I'm sure you have known it well.

All payments are both of 1st Payment and 2nd Payment. The 1st payment includes item's price, commission fee, etc. And the 2nd payment refers to payment of Shipping from Japan to your country. If you need to learn about the commission and handling, please go to our information page. All are written in this page.

If your friends make all payments (includes the 2nd payment), he/she will send us a form. (You can get the form in the middle of this page) The form requires your friend to type in his/her name and Shipping number which PIJ will issue when your friend will make shipping request. So after the campaign will finish, we will check the form, and we will send reward to you. (and to your friends)

There are a lot of categories on PIJ and I'm sure that your friends will be able to find his/her treasures on the site! Also, I'm sure that your friends will be excited with those great Japanese items listed on Yahoo Japan Auctions! Why don't you share PIJ now?

Notice: We will take discount commission rate from October! We will announce it soon by emails or PIJ top page. Please look forward to it! :)


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