Mega Man Sneaker Collaborated with UBIQ Japanese Shoes Brand in Tokyo

Mega Man Sneaker Collaborated with UBIQ Japanese Shoes Brand in Tokyo

I got news about Megaman (Rockman) shoes will be released in June, 2015, that collaborates with UBIQ, Japanese shoes brand which has been born in Tokyo, Japan.

If you are a man, and you often used to play video games in your childhood, I'm sure you are know Megaman well. No explanation needed, right?

As you see it in the photos, the shoes has a lot of his poses, and of course, it is an 8-bit-design. Also, the color blue is so cool for all of men!

Pre-order has started already at their website

I guess it is "Built-to-order" item (BTO)". So if we lose this chance, we may not get the shoes in future. So I'm writing this article to help all of fans of Megaman! 

As I see the official site, it seems you can order it until March 15, 2015, and they will stop accepting orders after the date.

Available order date: Until March 15, 2015
Estimated delivery date: End of June, 2015

As I mentioned, it looks Built-to-order, so if you order it now, you have to wait for its arrival in spring or summer. 

Shoes Size Variation

I checked it already. They have 22-29 cm, but they don't have a half size. The half size I meant is that we cannot choose some sizes like 22.5cm, 24.5cm, or 28.5cm. Only eight types of size it has. Like this. 

Hey... My foot size is 26.5cm... 26cm is little small, and 27cm is little big...

How do I order the shoes from my country?

If you know us already, I don't need to explain it, do I? But if you don't know our service "Private Import Japan" yet, please order it with us. We can buy it on your behalf, receive it, and send it to you from Japan!

Have you decided which size you buy? Oh that's great. Okay, let's try to order it like a step below now. 

1. Check the price and size

Access the product page and try to check the price, size, and any other description you need to know. It is written in Japanese, so if you want to translate it into your language, please use Google Translate or any other translation website. 

2. Access Private Import Japan to order it

Click here to visit our website. If you don't have your PIJ account, please make it from Register button at the top of the page. You can register for FREE. 

After you get the account, you have been ready to order. Please click "Shop" button and enter the order form page.  You are required to fill in some info about the shoes you are going to order. Please do like below.

3. Type the item's info and click "order" button

Item URL:
Quantity: 1 (if you like to buy two or more, type 2 or 3)
Price: 9800 yen (the price here doesn't include any tax and commission)
Note: 28cm (type the size you want)

After you put those info, please click "order" button. After that, you get an order number available in our website, and you can always see a status in your order view page. I mean the status would turn when PIJ receive your item. 

4. Congratulation! You are all set!

Please wait until we receive it from the manufacture. I guess we get it in June - July in 2015.

How to pay it? And how much the total would be?

If you have PayPal, you can use our service anytime. Basically, we prefer you make payment within 3 days after you order it. You will receive an email from us when you purchase, so please read it carefully and pay for the item.  

If it is your first time to use PIJ, I think you are worried about the total. If you are the first customer for us, your commission rate is 40%. It usually applies to the item's price only. 

In the case of buying this shoes, the price is 9,800 JPY + a consumption tax in Japan. The tax is 8% now, so it becomes 784 JPY. So the total becomes 10,584 JPY. Your commission rate is 40%, so the commission would be 4,234 JPY. 

1. Item price: 10,584 yen
2. Commission: 4,234 yen (40%)
3. Domestic shipping: approx 1,000 yen
4. International shipping: Depends on its weight and where you live

You will pay the total of 1+2+3+4. If you want to know more about our service, please check our information page. I'm sure it will solves your all of problems!

Visit our website anytime!

If you want to find the other Japanese items, please visit us anytime. In PIJ, you can search an item been listed on Yahoo Japan Auctions. Of course, you can bid, pay, and receive it through our website. 

If you have questions, please send your message from "Contact us" you see at the top of the page. Look forward to your order! :)


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