Figure Skating - Hanyu shows he's the ultimate survivor

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A journey that almost ended three years ago when Yuzuru Hanyu watched in horror as the ice cracked beneath his blades and the ground shook violently, culminated in glorious triumph 8,000 kilometres away at the Sochi Olympics.

That magnitude 9.0 earthquake near Hanyu's home city of Sendai in March 2011 not only destroyed his training arena but also set off a massive tsunami and nuclear disaster that ultimately claimed nearly 20,000 lives in Japan.With memories of the day when he had to crawl off the ice to flee the collapsing building still fresh, he said he had been close to giving up the dreams that led him to become the first Japanese skater to win the men's Olympic title."It's a very difficult subject for me to talk about," said the 19-year-old, who became the second youngest man after Dick Button in 1948 to win the top prize."I lost my skating rink because of the earthquake and I was literally struggling to live at that time, let alone to try to keep skating. I really thought about quitting skating then. Read more


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