Sakura season starts

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Have you seen Sakura? Other name Cherry Blossom before?

This is really beautiful thing which
Japanese really loves from long long time ago.

This is one of great picture this year!

This is Sakura in Kyoto :-)

Isnt this pretty?

Almost Japanese really love to see this Sakura.
And some have party under the sakura tree.

Drinking beer or sake LOL

This is sakura in Izu

This is video of the Sakura tree of Ueno Park in Tokyo.

Sakura tree is every where in Japan but
they only have blossom for about 2weeks in a year.

Thats why people wants to see this beautiful sakura.

Sakura season starts from south.
When tempeture get higher its coming north gradually :-)

My place maybe this weekend :-)

I cannot wait!

Do you have any Sakura in your country?

I know in United states have some but forget wich city  :-(

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

We love sakura so much .
There is many sakura items in Japan :-)

Hello kitty and sakura netsuke strap

Hatsune miku sakura version repainted

Hatsune miku sakura version

Slim lunch box sakura designed

Star bucks sakura designed tumbler

Hello kitty Hirosaki limited netsuke strap


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