USJ Online Store Hello Kitty Halloween Items 2013

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How are you doing?
In Japan, there are many shops decorated for Halloween. How are you going to spend the day? Do you have a party? I don't know if I could visit this season though, Universal Studios Japan is holding some events for Halloween now. Have you visited there?

USJ Official Website

Also, I picked up some videos on YouTube.


USJ Jurassic Park The Ride

USJ Spider Man The Ride

USJ Halloween Horror Night

There are many many attractions in the park, and I can't introduce all of them here! It is in Osaka and you can reach about 10 minutes by trains from JR Osaka Station. Many people
say "Don't visit by car". I think it is smooth to enter the park by trains than cars.

Also, there are many items there and we couldn't get them without visiting there in past days,
but now you can get them online :) I wanted to show you because new items has come.

Check this link for USJ Halloween items :)

Did you find your favorite items?
Of course you can order them on PIJ.
All you need to do is input "item's URL"
and "Quantity", and click "order" button.

Please make your orders from here :)

You can find it on PIJ, too. Please check new items in the link below!

Well, I've been to there for the countdown of New Year before, but it was super cold and I stayed in bed all day long in the next day... lol


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