Beautiful... Pearl Fuji & Diamond Fuji

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These days, it has exceeded 30 degrees centigrade in Japan in spite of October... The high temperature is caused by the typhoon which will come to us soon... Please be extremely cautious about those disasters.

By the way, have you heard "Pearl Fuji" or "Diamond Fuji"? It is about Mt. Fuji which is the highest moutain in Japan though, What is the pearl and the diamond?

The above picture is the pearl Fuji. The moon is on the top of the mountain. We call it "Pearl Fuji". It is very beautiful, isn't it? 

Well, what is the diamond Fuji? Yes, it is with the sun like a picture below. 

The brightness attracts all people when they come across such scene. Which do you like? The moon? or the sun? I love both of them. We have many beautiful places and I want you to visit those spots when you visit Japan. I'll introduce those nice places here, so please remember for your visiting Japan in future! Thanks. 

Please visit a link below when you want Mt. Fuji items. 


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