Awesome High Ratings Current Japanese Drama Hanzawa Naoki

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Have you watched TV shows in Japan?
Now we have a hot drama broadcast on TBS television.

Hanzawa Naoki

You can watch all episodes here.
I really recommend this drama! WATCH IT!

It is a man's name. Epsode 6 was ended yesterday
and it is in the way yet. It achieved 33.6 % highest rating
yesterday. In Japan, by several factors, a lot of people
have left from TV shows now and all TV stations are suffering.

In the situation, Hanzawa Naoki became a hot program!
Why? I have no idea actually, but the script is attracting
all of them! I couldn't watch interesting programs recently,
but Hanzawa has great power for TV program.

I don't know if you watch it, but I want to know
if you have the same feeling by watching it.
Please let me know your opinion for HANZAWA! :)

Thank you from Japan.

P.S. I'll inform you about PIJ campaign this week. Don't miss it!


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