nanoblock x Hello Kitty at Sanrio Online Shop

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Do you remember "nanoblock"? It is small and pretty toy block.
Today, I got a newsletter from Sanrio Japan and it said that
Hello Kitty has collaborated with "nanoblock"!!
It is a wristwatch of nanoblock and it has Hello Kitty design!
It's too pretty, so I wanted to tell you.

Three colors (red, white, and black) it has, and it is nanoblock
though it is wristwatch, of course you can put blocks together :)

Want to put all of three on my desk. It is a way to deck with them
on you room, right? As I said in the last newsletter, PIJ makes
great event for you soon. Today, I want to tell you how you can
make order on our website PIJ so that you can enjoy your purchase
with us :) It is very easy way. Follow me :)

First, as some posit, I want to put the item above as one you want.
Okay? Here is the link. See it.

You see the item's page at Sanrio Online. It has some Japanese words,
but please don't worry, they don't say difficult things.
Generally, the item's page has...

Item Title, Description (size or color...), and Item Price.
Please have those information before you buy.

You can get the item through PIJ whenever you want.
Of course, the online store need to have enough stock though.
To make your order on PIJ, you have three steps only.

1. Log in to PIJ
2. Put item's URL and some infor
3. Click "order" button.

Let's try it :) In the case you want the black wristwatch,
please do like below.

1. Log in to PIJ and Click "Shop" tab.

2. Input item's URL, Quantity, Price, and other info.
Please put the price showed on the item's page.
Please choose color and put on the line (black, white, pink)

3. Click "order" button.

That's all. It is very easy, isn't it?

Please don't hesitate ot rely on us. We will help you
any time. Please send your message from "Contact us"
on the front page of PIJ. Thank you very much!!



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