Let's try to find a lot of items by imaging on Yahoo Auctions!

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Today, I want to tell you how to search items by imaging
using Yahoo Auctions page. It is very easy way for you
if you want to find something by imaging. Let's try :)

1. Open PIJ and Yahoo Auctions pages.


Yahoo Auctions!

2. Enter keyword in the line and click hand glass icon

Like this :)

* Yahoo Auctions doesn't translate English into Japanese,
so please put Japanese words. Google translator will
help you to make those translations.

3. Display images larger.

Click "画像を大きく".

As you click the link, you can see images larger :)

4. Can narrow the search adding the other words.

Try to put multiple words on the line with spaces.
Ex. "pokemon" "Ichiban kuji" "2013"
If you put English words, it may not accept your
search. I recommend to put Japanese words.

pokemon: ポケモン
ichiban kuji: 一番くじ
2013: 2013

"ポケモン 一番くじ 2013"
As you put those three "single word" on Yahoo Auctions,
you can find more easily :) And then click the image.

5. Copy the title and paste it on PIJ!

Here is the item's page. You can see details of listing,
but description is written by Japanese. So please check
this item on PIJ. Copy item's title like this.

Paste the item's title on PIJ page

6. A result appears.

If the title doesn't duplicated, only one result is shown on the page.

Could you do that? I think that PIJ doesn't have the function
to display imaging larger. So I showed this way.

Try it ;)


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