Top 3 of My Favorite Summer in Japan

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We are in middle of summer and it's
very hot in these days. I really like summer and
I wanted to introduce some features of Japanese
summer. I will be happy if you like those features :)

1) Summer Retreat in Japan
A lot of people go to their summer resort.
There are many places, but I tell you only one place.

Kamikouchi in Nagano

If you have a chance to go there, can I visit together?
I really want to see those beautiful view...

2) Nagashi Somen
Do you know somen? It's a fine noodle and we often
eat it in summer. "Nagashi Somen" is a special way
to eat somen. I put a photo here.

Nagashi Somen Photo

3) Japanese Wind Bells
I really love its sound. Have you heard it?
Listen it :)

Long Version (use it in the silent room for your relax)

How do you feel? Enjoy your summer.


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