Japanese Machu Picchu -

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If you haven't seen Japanese Machu Picchu,
you should see it. Below it is.

Takeda Castle Ruin

If you want to see more, watch many photos here (YouTube).

If you have a chance to visit world heritage Himeji castle,
why not visit Takeda Castle ruin?

In Himeji castle, you can see the perfectly beautiful
Japanese-style castle. Enormous main tower,
white shining wall... It must be the one you expected
as the Japanese castle. Takeda castle ruin is a complete
contrast to Himeji Castle. There's no tower, no fascinating
white wall, no such crowded people. Takeda Castle is only
a ruin located on top of the mountain.

However, there's the TREMENDEOUS stone wall
remained flawless, and the view from top of the ruin
will fascinate you. Especially, in the late fall,
you can see the castle ruin shining above the sea of clouds.
The view deserves the name "Japanese Machu Picchu".

Takeda Sta.(About 2 hours by train from Himeji Sta.
via the Bantan line), then 40 min walk or 15 min taxi.
There's a mountain trail behind Takeda Sta.
The trail is a steep slope, but I dare recommend this route.
The great stone wall will impress you
when you reach the summit by shank's mare.


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