Washlet Craze in Japan Relax Time in Bathroom

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Do you have Washlet in your home?
Actually I don't know if you have it or not, but
I want to show you what it is today :)

This is Washlet. It's beautiful form.

Washlet is a machine which make you relax in your bathroom.
I think you clean yourself with toilet paper after you
relieve nature, but before you do, the machine washes
you with a shower. If you haven't used it yet, you may
not be able to imagine what it is, but please imagine it.

When you push a button for clean, a nozzle appears
from the back of the toilet seat. It cleans you until
you are satisfied. You can set up strength of
the water shower and also its heat. I like lukewarm
and the max shower strength and I need more than one minite.

Oh sorry, I think you don't want to hear it. lol

After that, it dries your hip by warm air. You just push
Dryer button. You finish. Please wipe with the paper
to go out the bathroom.

You can see it almost areas in Japan and if you don't know it,
you will be excited it and will love it, I think, because I love too.
Lastly, let's check a video a little Japanese kid trying Washlet
for his first time... It's funny. lol

P.S. A portable washlet is sold in Japan. If you wanna try it,
You can buy it from us. Try it behind the curtain :)

Amazon link

Learn Potable Washlet Video on YouTube

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