Japan's 5 best castles for your traveling

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I have an interesting questionnaire result.

"Which castle do you want to sit as a castellan?"

Good question. There are a lot of castles
in Japan and you will be excited, I think ;)

Result: I want to become a castellan here!
1. Himeji Castle (164 votes)
2. Azuchi Castle (129 votes)
3. Kumamoto Castle (120 votes)
4. Matsumoto Castle (61 votes)
5. Osaka Castle (58 votes)

Oh nice. Each castle is very popular.
Let's see its photo here.

1. Himeji Castle

2. Azuchi Castle

3. Kumamoto Castle

4. Matsumoto Castle

5. Osaka Castle

"It has great stone wall" (Kumamoto)
"It's loved in the world"" (Himeji)
"magnificence" (Kumamoto)
"I love its balance" (Matsumoto)
"Samurai may appear here!" (Azuchi)

Many Japanese love Japanese Castle.
Its really beutiful.

Do you have any castle in your country?


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