Suika Wari (Watermelon Splitting Game)

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It is summer in Japan now!
I like this season :) I don't have special reasons though,
I like the summer! xD

By the way, do you know watermelon splitting?
It is a kind of games and one of summer features in Japan!
I guess people overseas also play it though,
I talk about it and the way to play.
The way you do may be different from ours.

Watch this watermelon splitting movie! xD

Ken and Takeo play Japanese Watermelon Splitting!

They are the Japanese style!
Explaining it, first, you put a bandage over your eyes
and hold a stick to split watermelon.
Then, you stick a stick you hold on the ground and you put your forehead
on its handle. And you should turn on a pivot (stick) about 10 times x)

After your turning, you should search the place a watermelon is.
But you can find it. You keep putting a bandage over your eyes though,
everyone tell you where you should go to split it!
So please don't play this game alone :'(

"Right!" "no! left!!" "Keep straight on!!!"

Everyone tell you.
You totter along, and at last, you arrive at a watermelon.
You should do here at this moment is very simple.
Please concentrate on it in good spirits and breathe deeply.
When you ready, bring the stick down on it with your full power! Lol
When you will be able to split it, everyone will be excited at your cool actions!

I'm sure you can see such play on the beach in Japan,
please play it with us, it's so exciting game! :)
By the way, Japanese people often sprinkle salt on it and eat.
It seems that the sweetness increases, I don't do though :p haha

This is an app game for iPhone! You can play Suika Wari! Try it xD

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

Rare item Hello Kitty Netsuke Strap Watermelon Splitting

Japanese comedian Kato Cha watermelon splitting strap

Evangelion Mari swimsuit watermelon Rare figure

Pedestal for watermelon cutting

Showa Sanrio Watermelon Windbell manufactured in 1989 in Japan


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