A new record was made at Tokyo DisneySea!!

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I was surprised at the news announced on TV yesterday. 
Although a new attraction "Toy Story Mania!" opened on July 9 at Tokyo DisneySea,
many people had to wait to enter it for "500 minutes" on July 16.

500 minutes... about 8 hours!! =(8-O)
A new record was made! :)

Moreover, the temperature went up to 36 degrees at Tokyo DisneySea!
A lot of people waited under the blazing sun.
I think I can't do it. But I can guess everyone thought they didn't
want to lose that chance! They visited there to enjoy that new attraction!

By the way, the attraction will be located in Toyville Trolley Park,
a new area themed after an old-fashioned amusement park.
Toy Story Mania! have a few differences from the attraction
at Walt Disney World Resort, including the fact that guests will initially
enter through Woody's mouth. From here, guests will find themselves
in Andy's room, which is strewn with larger-than-life board games,
puzzles and other toys.

TOY STORY MANIA! official web site

Tokyo Disney SEA Toy Story MANIA!

TVCM Toy Story Mania!

There is so exciting place! Enjoy it! xD

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

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