2012 Summer Olympics in London

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As you know, the Olympics games is being held in London now.
This is the biggest sports festival in the world which is held every four years.
Of course, every Japanese people are enthusiastic about the event now,
and many special programs for the Olympics are broadcast on TV 24/7.

Summer Olympics in London 2012 Theme Song in Japan! "HEART BEAT"

Also, I noticed that the change of people's action for the Olympics
compared with the one which was held in the past.
A lot of people in the world have begun to use the SNS (Social Networking
Service) in these years, and in this event, many people are checking the
results of the games or sharing them with their friends using SNS by their
iPhone, smartphone, PC... etc... (Of course I have my facebook page!)
It looks like they are taking part in this event positively,
and they are getting nearer to it without being in London.

Anyway, I like to see that people all over the world compete with each other
in suchlike same field. They make a deep imression in our minds.
They always praise each other at the end of their match. Beautiful..

By the way, many items collaborating with something have been released :)
Needless to say, Hello Kitty also take part in the Olympics LoL

Here it is!

This is the items of Union Jack Hello Kitty!

How do you enjoy the festival? ;)
Let's enjoy it together!

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

This link is about Hello Kitty with the Olympics items on PIJ!

If you want to know more words to search more items, please Email me xD


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