Ichinomiya Cosplay Parade of the World Cospay Summit 2012

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The World Cosplay Summit is a festival showcasing characters from
Japanese manga, anime, and video games. Cosplayers from 20 countries
will dress up as Japanese anime characters and compete for the 2012
cosplay crown. They open it for 9 days, and on July 29, many cosplayers
paraded in Ichinomiya city!

Cosplay Parade Movie on You Tube!




Ichinomiya city is in Aichi prefecture. You can go there for about 30 minutes
by car from Nagoya city. Ichinomiya city was famous as a town of textile goods.
Now, however, they have lost an influence of it in this long recession.

And this time, they invited many cosplayers to their town and planed the parade
during the period of Ichinomiya Tanabata Festival. They try to get over the
recession. They hope their town's revival!

By the way, Ichinomiya Tanabata festival (matsuri) is the three major
tanabata festival in Japan and 1.3 million people visit this festival every year!
and this day, 40 representatives of each country and more than 300
general cosplayers took part in that parade.

They entertained all spectators at the parade. All of them looked they enjoyed it
even if they knew or not any anime characters! lol

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