ROUND 1 x Hello Kitty & Kuidaore Taro

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How's your summer? :)
It's hot yet in Japan but the fall season comes soon.

Excuse me for changing the subject, but there are facilities for recreation
named ROUND 1 where you can play bowling mainly.
You can see it in almost prefectures, so when you visit Japan,
please visit the store, too. It's not just bowling, but you can enjoy the acades,
the billiards, Karaoke, and so many sports places like a batting center.

ROUND 1 Official Web Site

By the way, I was very excited about something when I was watching TV
commercials yesterday. It said you can get about 47 inch bowling pin
if you visit with more than 6 friends to ROUND 1 now! xD
Of course, it's not real bowling pin. I guess it's like a balloon.
And the big pin collaborates with Hello Kitty and Kuidaore Taro!

Here, look at this!

They are maybe obstacle as you put it in your room though,
they are cute! Don't you think so? :) Don't you want this one?

You can find the items which you cannot get at normal stores on PIJ!
The item (bowling pin balloon) will appear on PIJ soon, I guess.
Please check them out xD !!

When you enter the keyword "ROUND 1" in English or Japanese,
you can meet super rare items!!

ROUND 1 = ラウンドワン

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

One Piece Round One bowling ball case set

Pin straps × Taro Kuidaore Round One

Round One Platinum card


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