My Neighbor Totoro's new items

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Studio Ghibli collaborate with Japanese traditional handicrafts "Edo Kiriko".
They release 2 types of glass and name them "Don-doko" and "Tsukiyo".
They are proud of these glasses because it took 5 months from formulating
a plan to making up.

Look at this. They made so cute Totoro Edo Kiriko.

As they incise on a thick glass, the unevenness reflects a light and it has
unique brilliance. This is the special feature of Edo Kiriko.

Another new Totoro's item is here.

Look at this link again.

Do you know that Japanese traditional works "Shigaraki Yaki"?
Originally, Shigaraki Yaki doesn't transmit light, but they used their
special technical skill and made this light up!

It is handmade item. You can have as a gift for your friends, I think.
And you can get it in about middle October if you order now :)
If you love Studio Ghibli animation, please check them out!

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

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