Release ONE PIECE new products!

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Good news :)
TAG Heuer which is a maker of high-class watch in Swizerland
will release two watches collaborating with ONE PIECE.

It is here. Click the link below.

They are too expensive but I really want because I love ONE PIECE World
very much. A trademarks of Straw Hat are on the face and back! Cool!

Plus, Japanese perfume brand NESCRE release their original perfumes
collaborating with Japanese popular anime ONE PIECE!
They always try to describe the world of each anime. The perfumes
they release this time have each characters and you may be able to feel
your favorite character's world.

Blog News "perfume of ONEPIECE"

About each ONE PIECE perfumes

It says, about Monkey D Luffy Version, "The valiant scent in which
a light feeling of green and a fresh scent change gently, and the heat
of sandals wood makes a decision onboard consider".

Can you imagine its smell? ;)
Does the smell lets me feel refreshed? hmm..
OK, I have no choice but to smell it directly. I go to the perfume store today!

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

Chopper Figures Set

POP Chopperman Ver.GREEN Rusutsu, Hokkaido Limited Edition

G Shock x One Piece Luffy Model DW-6900

One Piece Shinsekai 3 Clocks


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