Universal Surprise Halloween in USJ

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Have you prepared for Halloween already?
In Japan, we had not had these events originally, but now some people do
like America. So Halloween events will be hold in several places.

The large theme park in Osaka "Universal Studios Japan" have this event
every year. Also this autumn, they held Halloween party.
I have taken part in it in the past, too XD


It starts from September 14. You can also take part in it in disguise,
and make parade with USJ characters!
I hear there are 6 doors in this theme park, and when you beat on one door of 6
and say "Trick or Treat!", you are surprised at something!
I don't know what is happened. Do USJ characters come out?
And do they give you wonderful present for you? This is surprise event.
Please see something with your own eye :)

Hey, in the night in USJ, you have the feeling of fear.
Many zombies and monsters wander about the park. Wow!


Because of this, A chain shop "Mister Donut" in Japan serve up their original
6 donuts collaborating with USJ Halloween!

Please look at this link :)

They are very cute! When you buy this Halloween set, you can get
this Snoopy plush doll!

In this way, there are many events of Halloween in Japan now.
How's your country?

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

2004 USJ Halloween Pin Set

USJ Halloween Hello Kitty Candy Cushion

2007 USJ Halloween Hello Kitty Memo Pad

Limited in USJ Elmo Halloween Plush Toy


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