Atsuko Maeda graduated from AKB48

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Atsuko Maeda had belonged to AKB48 graduated from Japanese idol pop 
group "AKB48" on August 27, and the public performance for her was held 
at AKB48 theater in Tokyo, Akihabara. 

That fact surprised not only AKB's fan but also people who were not their fan. 
In the day, Akihabara was very crowded by many people who felt sad for 
her graduation. And the sight and the performance held in the establishment 
were relayed from many TV stations. 

A publication on her stage on You Tube

About an article of the performance

She was very popular in Japan, anyway. 
Actually, many people worry about AKB48 in future.
And they published her memorial photo book the other day. 

If you like AKB48, please have it! It's really nice! 

And a lot of items commemorating her graduation on PIJ

AKB48 is not only Akihabara's otaku culture now. 
Many people include overseas lovin' them and their wonderful music! 

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

AKB48 rare goods! 


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