Do you know this Japanese dessert "Imagawayaki"?

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Today I tell you about Imagawayaki because I ate them the other day.
Have you ever heard the name or eaten them?
Imagawayaki is a Japanese dessert often found at festivals, also in Taiwan.
However, because it is very popular and almost everyone love it,
there are many Imagawayaki shops in all Japan.

This is Imagawayaki!

Higiriyaki (Imagawayaki) in Matsuyama, Ehime prefecture

I visited Ehime prefecture last week and I found an Imagawayaki shop
on a way. Those desserts smelled wonderful and I stood in a line to buy them.
Imagawayaki looks a pancake, but so much bean jam is in the dough.
It has not only bean jam, but also a custard, chocolate jam, cream cheese,
curry, and canned tuna. They are what I've ever eaten, and I guess there are
more kinds of taste in the list they show.

And I took a movie how to make Imagawayaki from the line.
Please watch this movie, very interesting.

When you have a chance to find Imagawayaki,
please try to eat. They are yummy and you will be excited I suppose! xD

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

There are a lot of "Imagawayaki" items on PIJ!


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