Awareness of beautiful skin of Japanese women

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Japanese women, maybe Asian women are always interested in their
beautiful skin. In previous thinking in Japan, they didn't take care of it
so much. But now, almost all women feel they must do it and care for
their skin every day.

When I walk to my office, I often see many school girls and women
who works walking the street, and they wear a pair of long gloves
which prevent for the suntan.
I am a man, and I don't care of my skin usually,
so I sometimes feel they are great because they spend time
and effort on the skin every day.

This is the gloves they prefer to wear in the sunshine.

And I heard their efforts are held in their homes.
Do you know this product?

The name of this is "Nano Care", and this products have been sold on PIJ
almost every day. It starts from cleansing and cares the skin, finally.
It is very easy to use it. You just supply water and switch on.
It makes nanosized steam toward you, and your skin is moistened.
Also, you can use it during you sleep in the bed.

These days, I have thought there are many women whose skins
are beautiful. Ah yes, these beauty items make them so beautiful xD !!

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

Beautiful face machine on PIJ

Beautiful face Roller on PIJ

Skin Care items on PIJ


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