Hara Model Train Museum in Yokohama

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A model train museum featuring a vast collection of works by Nobutaro Hara
opened in Yokohama on July 10, 2012 :)
He is known for his meticulously created models of trains from around the world.
Now he is 93-year-old. He have loved the model train since his childhood,
and he started to make many models from his age 13.

Hara Model Train Museum (You Tube)

The large diorama in the museum (You Tube)



The 1,700-sq.-meter facility has eight exhibition rooms,
and he exhibit about 1000 trains there.
Moreover, one room of eight, has a large railway diorama. It covers 310 sq. meters.
It's one of the largest in the world! xD

There are many things which I wanna let you know about it :)
I'm sure you should be excited there.
You can see the large model train called A scale runs in the museum.
It is usually run in the garden. Plus, the trains on the diorama
makes realistic click-clack sounds. So beautiful it is.

Also, He is particular about its landscape.
About 16 feet station imagining Riom station in France, people who come and go
in the station, people who rest sitting on a bench, people who hang out washing
on the roof... He express daily motion in the town.

Please visit there when you come to Japan!
I'm sure you will be calmed down in the wonderful world :)

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

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