Amazing spot: Akihabara in Tokyo

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Speaking of Tokyo, it's the largest city in Japan.
Have you ever visited there?

Tokyo diorama video :)

I also like Akihabara. Do you know it?
Akihabara is a name of place in Tokyo and also
known as Akihabara Electric Town. In my thought,
several otaku cultures have been borned there,
and it keeps getting grown up even now. Ah,
AKB48 has also come out from here!

Today, I'll tell you how to enjoy Akihabara
for your visiting Tokyo. What can you do there?

There is the most famous as the electric town.
You can get fulfillment even if you are geek
in electoricity. See a link below. Very nice place!

You can see Japanese maid easily :)
Do you know meid kissa? (meid cafe?)

Tokyo anime center

AKB48 theater

Enjoy Akihabara video

Oh sorry, I stop putting many URL.
It's difficult to introduce all things in Akihabara!
I think you'll get almost anime goods,
and you'll see oden auto vending machine...
A lot of nice things are waiting for you :)


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