Japanese watch G-Shock

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Do you know G-Shock?
G-Shock is a brand of watches manufactured by Casio.
Means made in Japan :-)
they are known for its resistance to shocks such as hard knocks and strong vibrations.
Also they got water registance.
Its really tougher than what we thought.

It was just released in April 1983.
Still knew for watch brand.
By 1998, 19 million G-Shocks had been sold worldwide.
Casio has collaborated with many designers including Dee and Ricky,
musicians and other pop culture luminaries to release hundreds of
limited edition G-Shocks with custom designs.

Casio also produces collaboration models,
often with popular fashion brands,
like A Bathing Ape (Bape),
Stussy, Xlarge, KIKS TYO, Nano Universe, Levi's, Lifted Research Group,
as well as Coca Cola, Lucky Strike and Marlboro.

Also with Hello Kitty,Evangelion and other animation.

Do you know any of this?

Its really good item as a present or gift.
It will last long and fashionable.

Because G-shock is very popular many of them are
sold out after released.

But you can find in PIJ.
In PIJ you can find Brand new,used,limited,or even very rare watch.
Sometime you can get very cheap so you better check PIJ often.

This is hot item from G shock tie up with Deen and Ricky
Its sold out in other shop but plenty in PIJ

G-shock tie up with"Parra" DW-5600PR-4JR
This one is very colorful and very fashionable :-)

This one is collaboration with hello kitty.
This is so kawaii<3

There is more interesting G-shock in PIJ.
Specially you can get limited one here.

Other G-shock

check in Private Import Japan.
You should buy in here when black friday :-)

Do you have any G-shock?

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

Hello Kitty Baby-G

Baby-G ke$ha collaboration

Hokuto no ken collaboration.You are shock!!!

Evangelion Rei Ayanami version

Evangelion Shinji Ikari shogouki version

Evangelion Gshock GA-110EV-6AJR

G-Shock Bape collaboration DW-5600VT

G-shock Hyper color orange GA-110A-4

G-Shock Honda Mugen collaboration

MI3 very rare gshock

You can find more interesting G-shock in PIJ
Enjoy your shopping :-)


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